We have a firm commitment that our operations are sustainable on the aspiration of delivering positive results in their operations in the economic field, with awareness and responsibility of their social effects and their impact on the environment, recognizing the interests of the different groups with which that we relate.


Satisfy the needs of our customers in Design, Service and Supply of thermoformed plastic packaging in the different sectors of the industry, adding value and protection to the products contained therein.


  • We will be the leading thermoforming company in the Bajío Region, dominating the automotive sector and having a presence in the food sector.
  • We will respond to customer needs with the latest technology and efficient process management.
  • We will consolidate a highly productive, stable and well-paid human team.
  • We will guarantee profitability for shareholders and reinvestment for the sustainability of the business.


INNOVACIÓN EN TERMOFORMADO S.A. DE C.V. declares for all its stakeholders, in the document CODE OF VALUES OF INNOVET (code DIR1.3PCR2019) the following institutional values:

Likewise, it declares that they act as fundamental principles for all areas of the daily operation of the organization.

The document CODE OF VALUES OF INNOVET (code DIR1.3PCR2019) provides detailed information on the definitions and context of each value.

Social Responsibility Policy

INTEGRITY of the Responsibility System
INNOVET Social Business

INNOVACIÓN EN TERMOFORMADO S.A. DE C.V. is built, from the vision of its founder, on the aspiration to deliver positive results in its operations in the economic field, with awareness and responsibility of its social effects and its impact on the environment, and by conviction adheres to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility as the way to understand and develop the activity of the company aligning its commitments, actions and transversal management with its stakeholders, to the ultimate goal of people’s well-being, considering their quality of life, ethical principles, within the framework of legality and the permanent search for a better impact on the community and the environment of environmental sustainability.

Planning, implementation and evaluation

System Principles
of Social Responsibility

CORPORATE AB FORTI’s Social Responsibility System is:


  • Promotion and commitment from Senior Management.
  • Monitoring and updating of the Social Responsibility Committee (internal).


  • Cross-cutting to all areas, processes and decisions.
  • Aimed at all stakeholders.


  • Structured with a set of policies, practices and programs.
  • Planning, Implementation, Feedback and Continuous Improvement.

Recognition and certifications

Some of the recognitions and certifications that we have regarding corporate social responsibility.

ISO 26000

Premio al Mérito Empresarial

Certificado RSE

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