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Our mission

Satisfy or clients requirements of design, manufacture and supply of thermoformed packs for any type of industry, by adding value and protection to the product inside.

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Some of the recognitions and certifications that we have regarding corporate social responsibility.

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INNOVET constantly evolves toward more agile, collaborative and innovative methods so it can adapt its offer to the industrial challenges. Our Quality and Continuous Improvement has boosted us to wider horizons of systematic and permanent INNOVATION among every either strategic or support area.

Our proffessional teams do innovation in technologies and productive processes such as design, prototyping, mold machining and product manufacturing. One example, among others, is the design and inner building ofof the Thermoforming Machine Max18, which integrates innovative solutions in its functional performance, allowing with this outstanding improvements (versus some other machines in the market) related to the change of toolings. All of it translates into a better client satisfaction.

However, the innovation vision in Innovat goes farther; we are commited to expand this attitude in a transversal way all through the company. So we proudly can tell successful stories not only about productive processes (though industry is our core business) but also in in recruiting, training and human capital development; in quality of life inside the company; in the purchase experience and other marketing and sales processes; in our commitment to the environment care from our internal processes (our Circular Economy projects have been awarded) to other actions influencing community and interest groups.